ÇELEBİ Clothing in 1974 in Tokat Zile we have started life in the textile and knitwear, 1989, we continued with the BlueJeans manufacturing and wholesale. First, Beyazit Mercan Gaziantep Han Han later we continued our fertility business. Considering the market conditions, we have decided to move Merter. Our activities in a stable manner, we continue increasing our quality and capacity. Our work is primarily aimed at foreign markets, the world is spreading rapidly to all countries. Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Jordan and other Arab goals in yolundayız.sektör not be sought between brand in the country, in every country of the world, to reach the target audience and or strategies needed to produce the product. and appreciated by manufacturing quality products, our customers will use and love for years to create a brand that they want to use again, as we have set our priority production policy. We received the registration in 1994, with ARMOUR brand, customers seventeen years, and has been designing high quality products with unique features and we are producing. Our product is yet to make, design your own comfortable and stylish models with unique features, to offer our customers different models will be an alternative, one of our company’s production policy. Our production since 2004, within the model, households, slaughterhouses, which take in sewing workshop and ironing and packing sections, tidy, clean and spacious environment, quality-conscious, realizing our expert staff in their branches. Chalabi’s Clothing company, which in 2007 our party, ÇELEBİ ÇELEBİ GİYİM TEKSTİL ve İNŞAAT SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ with BETON and ARMOUR brand, we clarify the corporate structure. In addition, our Blu brand new era, we add diversity to our brand with Luvi Private. Our target for 2016 and 2017 include customer-oriented advertising campaigns and participating in trade fairs to increase our brand awareness is located. the tightening of the need to market, as well as in these days of increased Chinese pressure, the narrow strait in which the textile sector, rather than aggressive growth, steady growth and making high quality and unique models to increase our chance to compete, not following the sector is to continue our progress as a company be monitored.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Managing Director

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